Thursday, December 28, 2006

I had a pretty good Christmas... Did You?

I had a pretty good Christmas. My Mommie and Daddy lefted us at home and went to various places for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But they did bring us home some Stinky Goodness. The canned kind that omg omg omg is goooooood. Me and MissChief stuffed ourselves on that and on the Turkey that Dad's Mom fixed. That was pretty darn good too.
Yesterday I runned out and Dad had to get out the Greenies to get me to come back in and then I had to take a bath. I didn't wanna take one so MissChief got me downed and gived me one. I was beyond shock. She has never bathed me before.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

This is fun.


So I have been beaten. She is fun. She beated me down and now I think that she is pretty fun. (I think it is her eyes glowing like that...) We sure do like rasslin. She is good at hidin and jumpin out onned me. My mommie took some pictures with that new fancy camera. Santa broughted it to her. I thought Santa looked an awful much like Daddy. One thing I do like about Miss-Chief is that she don't like those little humans. She likes Mommie and Daddy enough but she sure don't want them other two picking her up and messing with her. That is so funny. They haul me around like a stuffed kitty or something. Here is a picture of me being "The King" and her being "The Queen" and us rassling... gosh it was fun.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I does not like this.

Well peoples and beans. While I have been getting used to my new brat sissy, I guess some ugly peoples or beans (Probably peoples) have been leaving comments and links to UGLY things in my blog. I had to have my mommie delete them. Now since we can't be good little boy and girls and beans and beaners, we are on moderation. I hated that. But I can't have ugly things in my blog. So when my mommie checks the mail she will tell them if a comment can or cannot be put on there. :(

I will update you on the silly sissy I gotted. So far, she is ok. We been playing together for a day or two and she has taughted me alot of new games. BUT she whopps my behind in all of them. She can run faster and wrestle better than I can!!!! I cannot believe it. She is turning into alot of fun. I still won't share my mommie, but she can share everything else. OKOKOK not my litterbox or food bowl. AND she don't get my treats either, but then again she don't like them (YET)!!!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Here Is MissChief

Well.... I have decided. She is ok. She can be in my house. She can sleep on the back of my chair. BUT she CANNOT have my MOMMIE to sleep on. She can sleep on Daddy, as long as I don't have to share him at the same time. BUT when she sleeps on my MOMMIE, I come running and HISSSSSSSSSSSSS Her out of there. I have to draw a line SOMEWHERE.

B-Cubed.... Accepting.. Somewhat.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Well I don't like it.....

I don't like it at all. As a matter of fact, I hate it. I HATE HER. But. She won't go away. Even when I HISSSSSSSSSSSS at her. She just looks at me and says, SO WHAT???? HISSSSSSSSSSS AWAY BIG BOY... SEE WHERE IT GETS YOU!!!! And she hisssssssssssses back. Geez. So we both go hide. But I did get my revenge. I ripped apart the scratchy thingy. The one my so-called Mommie puts Daddie's dirty uniforms in. HE HE HE HE. I DID I DID. So what? This is MY Mommie (Supposedly) taking HER picture. Ain't that awful?? MY MOMMIE??

B-Cubed.... PISSED.

Monday, December 11, 2006



B-Cubed.... PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I have another litter box...

Today Mommie put a second litter box and food dish in the big peoples litter box. I wonders why? I already have mine. They are being so confusing. Mommie said she is going to go pick up Mischief tomorrow. What do that mean? What is a Mischief? I don't know if I want a Mischief. I guess I's will see what it is tomorrow. You all have a good day tomorrow.

B-Cubed.... Concerned.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hmmmm. Somethings going on.....

I am not real sure what is happening. My Mommie today was so excited. She took the cage thingy and left. Her and Dad been whispering alot. AND they smell suspicious. They smell like a GIRL KITTY. This makes me nervous. I don't know whats they are doing, but I know for sure theys up to sumpin. She told Dad that the Mischief is at the Vet. I thinks the Vet is the same as that awful DOKTOR. Now I am not real sure about that, but it could be. I ain't going back to no DOKTOR. But my cage thingy isn't here anyway so I thinks I am safe for that. I don't know where Mommie left it though. I am sure she will bring it home soon.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

For many days last week there was alot of activity. Packing activity. My Mommie kept telling the smaller Humans to bring her stuff. "Bring me the canteens." "Bring me the Sleeping Bags." "Bring me the backpacks." She packed it alllll up. Then she took them and some other human kids with her in the big car and wented away. And she stayed away. She called it camping. They were gone Friday, Saturday, and FINALLY on Sunday she commed home. I was left there... alllll alone with Daddy. He is ok, but just not as good as my mommie. I didn't like it very much. When we sleeped, I couldn't get as warm as I usually do cause I sleep between thems and when she gone, it just wasnot tha same. So I cried to my Daddy but he didnot listen. He just tol me to go to sleep. But I cannot go to sleep. AND He do not give me treats like Mommie does. He makes me stand up and grab them. He wants me to do tricks like his dumb dumb dog does. I gots news for him. I DO NOT DO TRICKS. Mommie just gives them to me. But she commed home. I was really happy. I licked her hand and smelled her all over. She smelled like that outdoors place. She said she had taken her "Girl Scouts" camping. They must have had alot of fun. She sure was in a good mood.

B-Cubed..... Happy.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Mommie got me a new bottle of TREATS!!!

I love treats. I love them. They is soooo goodness. She boughted me a new bottle of them at Wal-Smarts and then when she opened them she held them up and made me sit up on my back legs to get one. That is ok I grabbed her hand with my claws and made sure I gotted it good. MAN it was good. She gived me about a dozen (she says) I didn't think it was enough but she say she can't give me too many or that docktor guy will get mad. Phooey on the Docktor.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Pictures....

You would THINK that woman would come up with some new pictures of me if she is going to post them here. I mean really. Those pictures are so old that I have visibly aged since she took them. Maybe SOON she will get off her behind and take some new pictures. If she does I might have to hide though since I really hate to have my picture taken. When she does, if she does, I might let her. We will see.
All you kats out there have fun.


Monday, October 23, 2006


That little human opened the front door this morning and I RUNNED OUT!!!! FREEDOM!! It smelled soooo good. I runned all the way to that big blue thing the man calls a car. Then I realized it was COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I turned around and runned right back into the warm house. It was so nice. I went and laid down on my Secretary/Mommies bed. Her electric blankie was still on so it was really nice and warm. I snuggled up all tight and got warmed up. I won't do that again for awhile, maybe. Well, I won't do it again until I forget how BRRRRR it really was.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Snack Time.......

Today Mommie had something really really good. She called it "sausage". MMMMM It was such goodness. She gave me bites. Just tiny ones. She says it wasnot nuff to make the Docktor mad. I donot thinks she meaned for me to steal it though. She got really mad when I swipeded it from the counter. It was really goodness. Maybe she will give me somemore later.

B-Cubed.. full

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mama Found a Picture...

I knew it was a bad place out there but I never thought somebody this tiny should be let out alone muchless as protection...


Thursday, October 05, 2006

I think I need new peoples.

Yesterday my mommie and daddie left me and wuz gone all day. I heard them talkin before they lefted and they was talkin about dads brudder. He is real sik. Sumthin about Docktors. Now see. When they starts talkin about Docktors I just went and hidded. I DON"T LIKE DOCKTOR. That man shotted me and I donnot like him. I figgur if'n they gonna go seed the Docktor they gonna take me back and I ain't gonna go. The only thing is I looked around and they wuz gone. They didn't come back for hours and hours. I don't like that. My mommie is supposeded to be home wid me. When dey gotted home I fussed at dem. I started with Daddy and fusssssed and he petted me and told me he sorry he had to go to see the Docktor about his brudder. I guess it is ok since mommie petted me too and then she gived me this stuff that I likes alot. Not the usual stinky goodness. This is special goodness. The treat goodness. And she played with my goodsmelling mousie with me. Yes, I admit it I am a NipHead. The mouse has Nip in it. By the time we got done I didn't much care I was all alone all day. I gotted to sleep on the bed anyway.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


THAT MAN.. the Docktor said I was OVERWEIHT. Wat do that mean? Mommie say she KNEW IT. That is why she puted me on a diet. Well I donnot like a diet at all. She fat, what do she expected from me? She say they cannot feed me exceptin 2 times a day. NO matter what those kids do. If she catches them she says she will tell the Docktor on them. Geez that is too hard. I gets hungry. Then she gets mad cause I gets to begging. Especially at 3 in the night when she is sleeping she gets mad. I jumps on her head. It always wakes her and Daddy up. He gets madder than she does.

Darn it.

B-Cubed..... Hungry.

PSed. I forgotted to tell you that he SHOTTED ME. Where does that Docktor get off? HE SHOTTED ME AND IT HURT. Well that is ok. I got him back. I scratched him, and bited him too. I hope it hurt. The Jerk. Hummmph.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Don't know about this...

My mommie keeps talking about da vet and goin to da docter. Wat does dat mean? Sumthin about tomorrow is five dollar day? I am not sure wat dat means but mommie put my harness back on and says I have to wear it till after tomorrow.

B-Cubed..... confused

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cats Kitty Gatos MemFURship....

Lookie whats I gots!!! I is now OFFicial, like I wasn't off before. :)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Camera is Broken

And boy is my mom upset. Something about it costing to much to fix. Well personally, I am glad it is broken. I hate her taking pictures of me all the time. It gets to be SO ANNOYING. She finally decided to make a post for me without a picture. It is about time that woman decided to do it. I have been wanting/waiting for her to make a post for DAYS. I think it is time I fired her and got another woman for my secretary. She isn't doing her job properly. Can you believe she has even decided to only feed me twice a day??? OMG ONLY 2 times. That isn't enough. I have been getting skinny. :( I am so skinny that my harness slipped off yesterday when mom wasn't looking (hahahahaha that was a trick) while we were in the yard walking. We went for a walk then she put me on what she calls " the stake out leash" while she played with her pond. It is a really long leash so I can walk around and investigate everything. Almost all the way around the yard. I was out of that harness and gone before she could say Lickety Split. It was fun hehehehe. Well right now I am laying on top of mom's desk, hiding from the vaccum sweeper that that medium kid is running in her bedroom. I was on her bed when she started it up and I took off. Man that thing is so loud it hurts my ears.
All you cats out there have fun.

B-Cubed.... Dictating

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mom is better!!!

Sanjee thank ya for the advice, I did just that. I snuggled wif her and I purrrrrrred, alot. She got better but it took her awhile. She is finally back able to be typing for me (I like that) and giving me plenty of Nip (I like that more) and lately she takes me out for walks in the yard!!! I LOVE THAT!!! She was reading to me on some other kitties blog that her mama takes her to the park for walks and I said... OH MY GOSH I WANNA GO!!!!! So we have to start in the yard and wait till mom can buy me a harness instead of a collar. That way I don't choke myself silly when I try runnin away. Today Dad is goin to Muskogee to the pet store to check about a harness since Mom measured my chest and neck today, geez I didn't realize I was that big......

B-Cubed Anxiously Awaiting

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How I am today

Well today was good. My mom finally decided to get around and come to the computer so I could tell you all how I am doing. I sure do wish she would get better soon cause I am tired of laying in bed with her. I don't get near as much nip from those smaller peoples and Dad don't like me all "crazy". So... Till mom gets better I am limited :( I don't like that.

B-Cubed.... Unhappy

Friday, July 28, 2006

Been soooo Busy...

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back with y'all. I have been way to busy and just couldn't find the time to be on the computer. (Besides my typist has been laid up). I have had to spend all my time lately taking care of my mom. She had something called a surgery on Wednesday. All I know is her and Dad got up realllly early Wednesday morning and left. He came home later but he didn't bring her!!!! Now I just wasn't real happy about that. I walked around the house and cried and cried. I wanted my mommie. The next day Dad went to work and left me all by myself! Now that is just rediculious. I mean, who is gonna give me my treats? Who is gonna spring that mouse that smells soooo good and I have to chase it all day? Who is going to scratch my chin? I just thought it was terribly unfair.
That night when he came home he brought mom with him, but she was hobbling and walking so funny. Like she had a corn cob stuck up...well you know where the sun don't shine... hahahahahaha. I smelled and smelled her, boy she smelled wierd. Kinda like medicine or something. Then she laid down in bed and just stayed there. That is wierd too. I laid there with her to keep watch on her. She needed all washed and everything too, had to get that wierd smell off. I washed her hands and face and arms. Everything she would let me. Then I laid there and make sure she don't go away again. She sure is a good scratcher when she is awake, but she is sleepy so much lately. She says she will be better in a few days. I hope she is cause I need someone to be giving me treats. When she is sleeping I sleep too. I like to sleep on her hand, that way I don't have to be awake to make sure she don't leave me.
Well, you all have fun, I gotta get back in there with mom.

B-Cubed.... Exhausted.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

SO HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it?? She is just standing there. Taking the darn pictures. I AM STARVING TO DEATH and she just is standing there acting like it is the cutest thing she has ever seen... MOMMMMMMMMIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE Feed me. PLEASE. I have never in my life seen her just stand there while I am soooo hungry. It is AWFUL!!!!!

B-Cubed. Starving.

Friday, July 21, 2006


I LOVE BUGS!!!!!!! They are the OTHER Flying around thingys. They fly, they hop, they crawl... BUT THEY CAN"T GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!! B-CUBED The GREAT WHITE (and black) HUNTER. That darn bug even tried to hide under mommies rug. THAT AIN"T HAPPENING. Other than that wonderful news, my mommie got me some fresh nip today. OMG it is soo good. Not quite as much fun as catching that bug, but darn close.

Good Day all you fun peooples.. and kitties too.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Todays Excitement....

Man mom was sure excited today. Apparently that medium sized human that I live with had her picture in the newspaper. She has been volunteering at the Old Peoples Lunch Place this summer. She comes home smelling like food. She always has left overs. She goes about every day cept when she is away at some camp. She goes to Church camp and Girl Scout camp and pretty much anywhere else mom can send her and that littler one. They pester me sooo much that I am tickled to see them go for awhile. There is a picture of the middle sized one farther down on the page from this blog, maybe mom will put the other pic up this time. Anyway, all the excitement is done for now. Have a good day, I am going for some treats since mom is in a good mood.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Today was an interesting day. I found out that thing that keeps the air outside, those things that hang over them... mom calls them curtains. They come OFF!!! I was totally amazed. Couldn't figure out why mom was so upset. Those colorful things I knocked off didn't spill or anything, just fell off. Man she was ticked. She got over it, but I did have to spend some time in that coop she calls my box. That sucked. I might do it again tomorrow if she can get it back up. B-Cubed

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My official Tuxedo Timmy Membership Card....

I'm a card carrying member!

The Flying Around Thingy...

My mom took some pictures of me the other day when I was trying to catch that flying around thingy in the air. I don' t know what it is called but it sure does go in circles alot. I would just love to get my hands, errrr, paws on it. I climbed as high as I could on top of mom's desk, but I still couldn't get it. Have fun,


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pictures of B-Cubed

I took some pics of B-Cubed today... He is soooofunny and loves to have his picture taken. Almost as much as sleeping and eating. Here he is.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Hi you all!!!

How are you all doing? I am B-cubed, short for Baby Brat Boy. My mom is typing this for me since I don't have fingers that work that way, my toes don't hit the right keys most of the time. She takes pictures of me, but not nearly enough. I get to do lots of stuff at home but mostly I like to eat and sleep. I run around a bit especially this summer, I have been having fun chasing the bugs that get in the house when Dad or Mom opens the door. That is when I don't run out it. Then I get to have fun running from them when they chase me. Well, that is about all for now kids, I will holler soon.