Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mom is better!!!

Sanjee thank ya for the advice, I did just that. I snuggled wif her and I purrrrrrred, alot. She got better but it took her awhile. She is finally back able to be typing for me (I like that) and giving me plenty of Nip (I like that more) and lately she takes me out for walks in the yard!!! I LOVE THAT!!! She was reading to me on some other kitties blog that her mama takes her to the park for walks and I said... OH MY GOSH I WANNA GO!!!!! So we have to start in the yard and wait till mom can buy me a harness instead of a collar. That way I don't choke myself silly when I try runnin away. Today Dad is goin to Muskogee to the pet store to check about a harness since Mom measured my chest and neck today, geez I didn't realize I was that big......

B-Cubed Anxiously Awaiting

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How I am today

Well today was good. My mom finally decided to get around and come to the computer so I could tell you all how I am doing. I sure do wish she would get better soon cause I am tired of laying in bed with her. I don't get near as much nip from those smaller peoples and Dad don't like me all "crazy". So... Till mom gets better I am limited :( I don't like that.

B-Cubed.... Unhappy