Sunday, June 24, 2007

Various other kitties....

My mom has been browsing the internet, like she has time to do THAT. She should be spending her time scritchin my ears and making sure I get plenty of treats. Of course, she don't. Here are some pictures she found that are just to cute for words.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Do you ever hate your kitty parents?

My Mommy and Daddy don lik me any more. An I don lik dem eider. Do dey ebber put dat horrible nasty stuff on de back of ur neck? Dey keeps tellin me it is supposedly to keep de flees offa me but I don lik it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Everyone seems to want...

Well for the last while mom ain't felt like writing anything. I have bugged her and bugged her but it don't seem to matter. I kep tellin her all she had to do was turn that pewter thingy on and back away from the keyboard. I will do all the rest. She told me I had lost my everloving mind and that SHE did all the writing/typing...don't you KNOW that BBB? Yeah right. If SHE does all the typing/writing around here how come I get all the credit??? Well.... cause no one wants to know what a middle aged blond fat woman is thinking? Cause all she can do is talk about Girl Scouts and her fat cats? Or possibly Gin? No not the drinking kind, the card game silly. At the time of the last post, Girl Scout Cookies were all we could do. Mom worked and worked on those darn cookies. But summer is here and there are no more funky smelling kids coming around the house, just the same old ones. Pretty soon even those will be gone. They are going to GIRL SCOUT CAMP!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHH No one around to pull my tail and think I have to sleep with them for 2 whole weeks!!!
And they even want to dress me funny... they think I am a baby doll or sumfin. BLECK! She got funny with that flashy thingy this mornin... God I hate that thing. I just noticed she put up a picture of a kitty that ain't even me!!! That hussy. Why would she do a thing like that?????