Thursday, July 12, 2007

I have decided I am moving. My peoples have losted their minds. Manly Monday was anything but Manly for me. My mommie camed in the house and grabbed me and MissChief. As she was throwing us in that little room in the back, I herd something about something named Lady and Pups. Apparently, my peoples comed home with a funny smelling thing. And there is lots of other little squirmy funny smelling things too. And they putted them in some sort of blue bowl that is just huge. They all layin in there..squirmin and whinin. Today theys finally letted us out of the bedroom, and that huge thing WOOFED AT ME.. ME... can you magin???? It is a big woofin thing. And hairy and black. Mama letted me out but I is scared so I is hiding in the bedroom till maybe it leaves.