Saturday, September 30, 2006


THAT MAN.. the Docktor said I was OVERWEIHT. Wat do that mean? Mommie say she KNEW IT. That is why she puted me on a diet. Well I donnot like a diet at all. She fat, what do she expected from me? She say they cannot feed me exceptin 2 times a day. NO matter what those kids do. If she catches them she says she will tell the Docktor on them. Geez that is too hard. I gets hungry. Then she gets mad cause I gets to begging. Especially at 3 in the night when she is sleeping she gets mad. I jumps on her head. It always wakes her and Daddy up. He gets madder than she does.

Darn it.

B-Cubed..... Hungry.

PSed. I forgotted to tell you that he SHOTTED ME. Where does that Docktor get off? HE SHOTTED ME AND IT HURT. Well that is ok. I got him back. I scratched him, and bited him too. I hope it hurt. The Jerk. Hummmph.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Don't know about this...

My mommie keeps talking about da vet and goin to da docter. Wat does dat mean? Sumthin about tomorrow is five dollar day? I am not sure wat dat means but mommie put my harness back on and says I have to wear it till after tomorrow.

B-Cubed..... confused

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cats Kitty Gatos MemFURship....

Lookie whats I gots!!! I is now OFFicial, like I wasn't off before. :)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Camera is Broken

And boy is my mom upset. Something about it costing to much to fix. Well personally, I am glad it is broken. I hate her taking pictures of me all the time. It gets to be SO ANNOYING. She finally decided to make a post for me without a picture. It is about time that woman decided to do it. I have been wanting/waiting for her to make a post for DAYS. I think it is time I fired her and got another woman for my secretary. She isn't doing her job properly. Can you believe she has even decided to only feed me twice a day??? OMG ONLY 2 times. That isn't enough. I have been getting skinny. :( I am so skinny that my harness slipped off yesterday when mom wasn't looking (hahahahaha that was a trick) while we were in the yard walking. We went for a walk then she put me on what she calls " the stake out leash" while she played with her pond. It is a really long leash so I can walk around and investigate everything. Almost all the way around the yard. I was out of that harness and gone before she could say Lickety Split. It was fun hehehehe. Well right now I am laying on top of mom's desk, hiding from the vaccum sweeper that that medium kid is running in her bedroom. I was on her bed when she started it up and I took off. Man that thing is so loud it hurts my ears.
All you cats out there have fun.

B-Cubed.... Dictating