Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Where did she go?

Today I looked around and my MissChief was gone. I looked and looked. I looked in the Christmas Tree where she likes to hide. I looked in the bedroom where she likes to sleep on my mommies bed. I looked in the laundry room where sometimes she sleeps in the laundry basket. She wasn't no were to be founded. I went to mommie and cried and cried. Where's MissChief????? Mommie just told me to go lay down. Then I realized that the crate was goned. The one that they use to take you to the DOCKTOR in. OMG OMG OMG WHERE DID THEY TAKE MY MISSCHIEF???? Finally, she camed home and she was with daddy. He had taked her to that mean Docktor that shotted her. She said she growled at him and hisssssssed at him but he shotted her anyways. She was happy though because he gived her a fancy thingy to go on her collar. Daddy says it proves she got shotted. Well I could have proved that. It hurted enough to prove it.