Tuesday, November 14, 2006

For many days last week there was alot of activity. Packing activity. My Mommie kept telling the smaller Humans to bring her stuff. "Bring me the canteens." "Bring me the Sleeping Bags." "Bring me the backpacks." She packed it alllll up. Then she took them and some other human kids with her in the big car and wented away. And she stayed away. She called it camping. They were gone Friday, Saturday, and FINALLY on Sunday she commed home. I was left there... alllll alone with Daddy. He is ok, but just not as good as my mommie. I didn't like it very much. When we sleeped, I couldn't get as warm as I usually do cause I sleep between thems and when she gone, it just wasnot tha same. So I cried to my Daddy but he didnot listen. He just tol me to go to sleep. But I cannot go to sleep. AND He do not give me treats like Mommie does. He makes me stand up and grab them. He wants me to do tricks like his dumb dumb dog does. I gots news for him. I DO NOT DO TRICKS. Mommie just gives them to me. But she commed home. I was really happy. I licked her hand and smelled her all over. She smelled like that outdoors place. She said she had taken her "Girl Scouts" camping. They must have had alot of fun. She sure was in a good mood.

B-Cubed..... Happy.