Friday, July 28, 2006

Been soooo Busy...

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back with y'all. I have been way to busy and just couldn't find the time to be on the computer. (Besides my typist has been laid up). I have had to spend all my time lately taking care of my mom. She had something called a surgery on Wednesday. All I know is her and Dad got up realllly early Wednesday morning and left. He came home later but he didn't bring her!!!! Now I just wasn't real happy about that. I walked around the house and cried and cried. I wanted my mommie. The next day Dad went to work and left me all by myself! Now that is just rediculious. I mean, who is gonna give me my treats? Who is gonna spring that mouse that smells soooo good and I have to chase it all day? Who is going to scratch my chin? I just thought it was terribly unfair.
That night when he came home he brought mom with him, but she was hobbling and walking so funny. Like she had a corn cob stuck up...well you know where the sun don't shine... hahahahahaha. I smelled and smelled her, boy she smelled wierd. Kinda like medicine or something. Then she laid down in bed and just stayed there. That is wierd too. I laid there with her to keep watch on her. She needed all washed and everything too, had to get that wierd smell off. I washed her hands and face and arms. Everything she would let me. Then I laid there and make sure she don't go away again. She sure is a good scratcher when she is awake, but she is sleepy so much lately. She says she will be better in a few days. I hope she is cause I need someone to be giving me treats. When she is sleeping I sleep too. I like to sleep on her hand, that way I don't have to be awake to make sure she don't leave me.
Well, you all have fun, I gotta get back in there with mom.

B-Cubed.... Exhausted.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

SO HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it?? She is just standing there. Taking the darn pictures. I AM STARVING TO DEATH and she just is standing there acting like it is the cutest thing she has ever seen... MOMMMMMMMMIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE Feed me. PLEASE. I have never in my life seen her just stand there while I am soooo hungry. It is AWFUL!!!!!

B-Cubed. Starving.

Friday, July 21, 2006


I LOVE BUGS!!!!!!! They are the OTHER Flying around thingys. They fly, they hop, they crawl... BUT THEY CAN"T GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!! B-CUBED The GREAT WHITE (and black) HUNTER. That darn bug even tried to hide under mommies rug. THAT AIN"T HAPPENING. Other than that wonderful news, my mommie got me some fresh nip today. OMG it is soo good. Not quite as much fun as catching that bug, but darn close.

Good Day all you fun peooples.. and kitties too.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Todays Excitement....

Man mom was sure excited today. Apparently that medium sized human that I live with had her picture in the newspaper. She has been volunteering at the Old Peoples Lunch Place this summer. She comes home smelling like food. She always has left overs. She goes about every day cept when she is away at some camp. She goes to Church camp and Girl Scout camp and pretty much anywhere else mom can send her and that littler one. They pester me sooo much that I am tickled to see them go for awhile. There is a picture of the middle sized one farther down on the page from this blog, maybe mom will put the other pic up this time. Anyway, all the excitement is done for now. Have a good day, I am going for some treats since mom is in a good mood.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Today was an interesting day. I found out that thing that keeps the air outside, those things that hang over them... mom calls them curtains. They come OFF!!! I was totally amazed. Couldn't figure out why mom was so upset. Those colorful things I knocked off didn't spill or anything, just fell off. Man she was ticked. She got over it, but I did have to spend some time in that coop she calls my box. That sucked. I might do it again tomorrow if she can get it back up. B-Cubed

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My official Tuxedo Timmy Membership Card....

I'm a card carrying member!

The Flying Around Thingy...

My mom took some pictures of me the other day when I was trying to catch that flying around thingy in the air. I don' t know what it is called but it sure does go in circles alot. I would just love to get my hands, errrr, paws on it. I climbed as high as I could on top of mom's desk, but I still couldn't get it. Have fun,


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pictures of B-Cubed

I took some pics of B-Cubed today... He is soooofunny and loves to have his picture taken. Almost as much as sleeping and eating. Here he is.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Hi you all!!!

How are you all doing? I am B-cubed, short for Baby Brat Boy. My mom is typing this for me since I don't have fingers that work that way, my toes don't hit the right keys most of the time. She takes pictures of me, but not nearly enough. I get to do lots of stuff at home but mostly I like to eat and sleep. I run around a bit especially this summer, I have been having fun chasing the bugs that get in the house when Dad or Mom opens the door. That is when I don't run out it. Then I get to have fun running from them when they chase me. Well, that is about all for now kids, I will holler soon.