Monday, October 30, 2006

Mommie got me a new bottle of TREATS!!!

I love treats. I love them. They is soooo goodness. She boughted me a new bottle of them at Wal-Smarts and then when she opened them she held them up and made me sit up on my back legs to get one. That is ok I grabbed her hand with my claws and made sure I gotted it good. MAN it was good. She gived me about a dozen (she says) I didn't think it was enough but she say she can't give me too many or that docktor guy will get mad. Phooey on the Docktor.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Pictures....

You would THINK that woman would come up with some new pictures of me if she is going to post them here. I mean really. Those pictures are so old that I have visibly aged since she took them. Maybe SOON she will get off her behind and take some new pictures. If she does I might have to hide though since I really hate to have my picture taken. When she does, if she does, I might let her. We will see.
All you kats out there have fun.


Monday, October 23, 2006


That little human opened the front door this morning and I RUNNED OUT!!!! FREEDOM!! It smelled soooo good. I runned all the way to that big blue thing the man calls a car. Then I realized it was COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I turned around and runned right back into the warm house. It was so nice. I went and laid down on my Secretary/Mommies bed. Her electric blankie was still on so it was really nice and warm. I snuggled up all tight and got warmed up. I won't do that again for awhile, maybe. Well, I won't do it again until I forget how BRRRRR it really was.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Snack Time.......

Today Mommie had something really really good. She called it "sausage". MMMMM It was such goodness. She gave me bites. Just tiny ones. She says it wasnot nuff to make the Docktor mad. I donot thinks she meaned for me to steal it though. She got really mad when I swipeded it from the counter. It was really goodness. Maybe she will give me somemore later.

B-Cubed.. full

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mama Found a Picture...

I knew it was a bad place out there but I never thought somebody this tiny should be let out alone muchless as protection...


Thursday, October 05, 2006

I think I need new peoples.

Yesterday my mommie and daddie left me and wuz gone all day. I heard them talkin before they lefted and they was talkin about dads brudder. He is real sik. Sumthin about Docktors. Now see. When they starts talkin about Docktors I just went and hidded. I DON"T LIKE DOCKTOR. That man shotted me and I donnot like him. I figgur if'n they gonna go seed the Docktor they gonna take me back and I ain't gonna go. The only thing is I looked around and they wuz gone. They didn't come back for hours and hours. I don't like that. My mommie is supposeded to be home wid me. When dey gotted home I fussed at dem. I started with Daddy and fusssssed and he petted me and told me he sorry he had to go to see the Docktor about his brudder. I guess it is ok since mommie petted me too and then she gived me this stuff that I likes alot. Not the usual stinky goodness. This is special goodness. The treat goodness. And she played with my goodsmelling mousie with me. Yes, I admit it I am a NipHead. The mouse has Nip in it. By the time we got done I didn't much care I was all alone all day. I gotted to sleep on the bed anyway.